Kandao Obsidian Pro Ambassador Application

The Cosmic Looking Glass II

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Shot Entirely on the Kandao Obsidian Pro

The Cosmic Looking Glass II employs ancient healing modalities in tandem with state of the art ultra-high resolution 3D 360 VR to take audiences on a journey unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Beautiful shots of the natural world, accompanied by vibrant orchestral scores, all tied together with soothing yet energetic narration create the setting for transformation. Whether it’s someone at home starting their day off powerfully, or a hospital patient preparing themselves for a procedure, the CLG2 will teleport them to a liminal space to promote restorative healing and charge them up to take on the day.


Health & Wellness


Hospitals & Seekers


Shot Spring 2020
Released Summer 2021

Displayed On

Oculus Quest II

Healing Modalities

Embodied VR

Nature Therapy

Mindfulness Practices


Music as Medicine

Eye Gazing



Neuro Linguistic Programming

About the Author

Parker Howell has been a pioneer in the XR world for the past decade, creating Red Bull’s first 3D 360 music video (shot on Kandao Obsidian R & S), projection mapped concert visuals for the Grammys, Excision, Dancing with the Stars, and other groundbreaking content such as the Cosmic Looking Glass – the first virtual reality healing program to implement Oculus’ hand tracking technology. The thrill of bringing unimaginable new experiences to audiences, while merging state of the art technology with timeless storytelling, fuels Howell’s passion for creating at the vanguards of XR.


Outside of the digital world, Howell pursues a well rounded life exploring his passions in yoga, meditation, Reiki, mindfulness, travel, jiu jitsu, and as a cirque performer. His philosophy for creating XR is that it’s a powerful tool for extending human consciousness, and that work done in virtual worlds can heighten the experiences of our day to day lives.

The First Cosmic Looking Glass

While the first Cosmic Looking Glass takes place in a completely computer generated world, it will give you a sense of tonality and some of the meditative techniques that will be used in CLG2. It became a staff pick from SideQuest VR. Try it for yourself by sideloading it on the Oculus Quest here.

Money VR

Did you know this isn’t the first time Howell and Kandao have worked together? Shooting with both the Obsidian S & R, they created Redbull’s first 3D 360 VR music video. It went on to win the best music video at the 2019 Pacific Music Awards. Check out some of the behind the scenes here.

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