Parker Howell

Creative Director, Executive Producer

Parker has been a pioneer in the XR world for the past decade, creating Red Bull’s first 3D 360 music video, projection mapped concert visuals for the Grammys, Excision, Dancing with the Stars, and other groundbreaking content such as the live streamed mixed reality show InstaQuest. Recently he’s directed VR applications for stroke therapy, mindfulness, and law enforcement training. The thrill of bringing unimaginable new experiences to audiences, while merging state of the art technology with timeless storytelling, fuels Howell’s passion for creating at the vanguards of XR.

Will Walsh

Director of Cinematography

Will has used creative and unorthodox techniques since breaking into the industry in 2010 to capture concert and festival footage for companies such as Insomniac and commercial Hollywood projects. He’s a technical wizard who has crafted emerging media solutions including 1st person camera systems and projection mapped holodecks. Will earned a degree in Film Production from Chapman University.

Adam Michalak

Director of Sound

As a seasoned Hollywood sound-smith, Adam’s work can be heard across the multiverse from Stars Wars to Pixar to Medal of Honor. With an ear for orchestration and a deep technical understanding of all things audio, he delivers poignant masterpieces that tug at our heartstrings, and seduce our subconscious desires.

James Bohan

Chief Business Strategist

James is a serial entrepreneur, practicing CPA of over 10 years’ and was previously the CFO of an investment company with over $350MM of assets under management. As a lifelong creator and innovator in the music industry, James brings unique creative insights to Howell XR in addition to financial and strategic management.