Parker Howell

Creative Director, Executive Producer

Parker has been a pioneer in the XR world for the past decade, creating Red Bull’s first 3D 360 music video, projection mapped concert visuals for the Grammys, Excision, Dancing with the Stars, and other groundbreaking content such as the live streamed mixed reality show InstaQuest. Recently he’s directed VR applications for stroke therapy, mindfulness, and law enforcement training. The thrill of bringing unimaginable new experiences to audiences, while merging state of the art technology with timeless storytelling, fuels Howell’s passion for creating at the vanguards of XR.

Podcast Appearances

Ep 48 - Using Virtual Reality To Facilitate Healing - With Parker Howell

Can Virtual Reality (VR) technology be used to tap into your body´s innate healing abilities? Parker Howell is a revolutionary designer of VR technology who has helped a close mutual friend with stroke damage regain function in his right arm with VR-aided visualization and movement. And more. Here we discuss using this technology to tap into your body´s own healing abilities. We reference the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and making healing, fun. This is fascinating!

The Jackhammer Effect Podcast Featuring Parker Howell

Have you ever wanted to be instantly whisked away to an other worldly experience? Parker Howell is there to guide you. He is at the forefront of the virtual and extended reality world. Bringing to the world things like Red Bulls first 3D 360 Music Video, projection mapped concert visuals for the Grammys, Excision, and Dancing with the Stars as well as much more.

Parker Howell, Burning Man, Reiki And Digital Healing

Parker Howell created a breakthrough digital technology that helped my good friend Sean Entin A.K.A. “The Stroke Hacker” transforms his left arm paralysis. Why is this a big deal? Because after Sean’s stroke he hadn’t moved his arm in ten years! WHAT? Watch this mind-blowing testimony video CLICK HERE. How many people are out there that have lost their mobility due to a serious injury? The answer is A LOT… and Parker’s technology needs to be taken to the masses. Parker is actively looking for medical professionals and investors to get this project moving so please pass along this episode to someone who might be interested. We also chat about Burning Man, Reiki, and another cool digital technology Parker invented called “The Cosmic Looking Glass”. This is an awesome episode and I hope that you find a gold nugget and take action on it to improve your life!

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